Rock On

AppIconCrank up the volume and join the band β€” it’s time to ROCK!

Quiz yourself on the best of Rock in this spin-off of SongPop, the award-winning music trivia game.


So you think you can rock?


  • Conquer more than 80 levels forged in the fire of ROCK
  • Are you a Rock Master? Test yourself with four play modes including Mic Check, Sudden Death, Arcade, and more!
  • Discover new favorites and classic tracks with over 3,000 songs!
  • Show devotion with Artist Levels where you choose the band
  • Journey through an illustrated map featuring raging concerts, tours on desert highways, cities of sin, and quests for Rock stardom
  • Track your friends on the road of Rock with Facebook

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Buxom Cherry

Buxom Cherry @BuxomCherry

@PlayRockOn Who is "this guy" you are referring to???? 😜🙊🙈🙉. I'm still a punk rocker

21st May


~^A^~erovamp @Aerovamp

@PlayRockOn it's taking way too long to get past being a pop rocker. I just want to be a Steven Tyler's favorite groupie. !!!!!!!!!!'n

24th April

Mark Craven

Mark Craven @crazycraven

Watching UPF and @PlayRockOn looks cool. No Android sadly. Hopefully soon?

11th April


RenierCruzB @MaySpawnedRen

@PlayRockOn It worked!! Thanks a lot! 😀

07th April

Irene Mouzouris

Irene Mouzouris @s3nse_it

Busy rocking on through to level 6 @PlayRockOn #newapp depriving me from sleep tonight;) #FreshPlanet

06th April


Emily @eloursnz

@PlayRockOn loving #RockOn! Have discovered I know a lot more songs than I thought I did, haven't got less than 5 yet! 🎸

05th April

Rosan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

Rosan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ @NotTheOnlyRosan

@AppStore @SongPop1 Rock On is awesome!!

05th April

alex eben meyer

alex eben meyer @ebencom

noon o'clock giddiness for my new illustration project > rock on! @PlayRockOn

02nd April

Brad Cummings

Brad Cummings @EarlofBradwich

Rock On - A SongPop Adventure is my favorite game from our team so far. Check it out:

02nd April



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