Dreamland HeroDreamland is more than a game, it’s a state of mind. FreshPlanet created the Facebook game Dreamland as an exploration of what the dream space was until nightmares invaded. This imaginative game challenges players to prove they’re powerful enough to save Dreamland from the fear of nightmares.

Dreams Come True On Facebook

Dreamland ScreenshotsPlayers find their way through maze-like dreams, collecting powerful talismans, visiting strange little shops, and facing down scary nightmares. By defeating fear and finding a way out of each dream, players earn insights so they can upgrade and customize their bedrooms and became a more potent dreamer.

Features included:

  • Dream levels change every time you visit them so no two experiences are ever the same
  • RPG-style combat is enhanced by a player’s strategic choices and collection of special equipment, magical powers, and more
  • Cute and spooky characters with the flavor of a scary bedtime story.
  • You can become a piece on your friends’ game map by visiting their dreams
  • Players can decorate the bedroom of their dreams to express their personal style and enhance their game abilities

Praise For Dreamland

Gamezebo named Dreamland the 3rd best Facebook game of 2011

“Every once in awhile, a fantastic Facebook game comes along that completely changes the landscape for what innovation in social games can look like. Dreamlandis the latest game to do just that. Developed by FreshPlanet, Dreamland transports players to a magical world where dreams come to life and adventures hide behind every dark cloud and colorful mushroom. It takes a simple board game concept and adds a wealth of style and unique flavor to make a compelling package that any avid Facebook gamer should experience at least once.”

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