BoxPop for Apple Watch

boxpoplogo_largeNow available on Apple Watch. Pop boxes and conquer grids all from your wrist.

Now Available: BoxPop for Apple Watch

We’re excited to announce that BoxPop is now available on Apple Watch. Ever since Apple Watch was announced in 2014, we knew that BoxPop would be a perfect fit. We went back to the drawing board and designed a brand new experience, completely playable on Apple Watch, and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

Making games for Apple Watch is about creating unique experiences that take full advantage of what is great about this platform, not just porting an existing game. That’s what we’ve done with BoxPop. The core of BoxPop remains the same: you’ll pop boxes in L-shaped patterns (like the knight in chess) and try to pop every box in a given puzzle. We’ve gone beyond the core with a brand new progression system that challenges you to solve five puzzles each day. Each puzzle you solve earns a knight, earn five knight in a day and collect a medal. It’s all about short daily brain teasers. On top of that, we’ve added hundreds of exclusive daily puzzles only playable on your Apple Watch.

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While BoxPop is playable entirely on Apple Watch, it also adds additional functionality to the iPad and iPhone versions of the game. We’ve added more than 20 new achievements unlockable only with an Apple Watch. There’s also a brand new statistics screen on BoxPop for iPhone and iPad that tracks your progress on Apple Watch. With these stats you can see how many knights and medals you’ve earned, days you’ve played, boxes popped, and more. It’s a truly integrated experience.

Be one of the first to experience this unique puzzle gaming experience. Never before has it been so easy and quick to solve a puzzle anytime and anywhere. BoxPop for Apple Watch is free to download through the App Store. Start your daily puzzle regiment today!

Get BoxPop on Apple Watch:

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