boxpoplogo_largeTest your wits in this stylish puzzle game of popping boxes and solving grids.


Pop Boxes, Conquer Grids!


Gameplay is simple: pop boxes in L-shaped paths, like the knight in chess, and see if you can pop all the boxes in each grid without getting stuck!

Why you’ll love BoxPop:
– It’s free!
– Pop your way through over 40 levels
– Solve puzzles to unlock larger grids and greater challenges
– Encounter unique grid shapes along the way, everything from a horse to a VHS tape
– Unwind with minimalist and relaxing graphic design
– Additional levels coming soon

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Eric von Coelln

Eric von Coelln @evcinnyc

So just two games make the cut of the initial #AppleWatch apps: Rules! and @PlayBoxPop - see all the initial apps:

09th March

Bobby Michaels

Bobby Michaels @bobbyplasticboy

I got 9 on BoxPop's Tuning Fork. Play this new exciting puzzle game for free. #BoxPop

30th September

Matthew McGarity

Matthew McGarity @mcgaritydotme

I dig this new game #BoxPop

02nd September

Ink Technologies

Ink Technologies @InkTechnologies

Do you like #chess? Find out how @BoxPop's #app gives a fresh take on a timeless game.

02nd September

Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan @sahilk

This game based on how a Knight moves on a chess board is awesome! #ios

31st August


Hassan @E1Hassan

@PlayBoxPop a sleek reminder-even when u don't know how to play it, #chess is the ultimate #Game Via @NakedShelfNews

29th August


Onetastics @onetasticones

BoxPop by FreshPlanet Inc.

28th August

Alessandro Almonti

Alessandro Almonti @AlexAlmonti

Chess NewsPaper is out! Stories via @m_jose_cuesta @Hellzrage @PlayBoxPop

22nd August

Chess Fansclub

Chess Fansclub @ChessFansclub

BoxPop Review: Chess Games - Gamezebo

21st August


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